‘Knights of Ren’ rumored to be against Kylo in new Star Wars movie


    The infamous Knights of Ren will make a comeback in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, hopefully alongside their leader, Kylo Ren.

    The first glimpse of these knights was in ‘The Force Awakens’. Although not much is known about the plot of the last part of the trilogy, but it has been confirmed that they will play a huge part in the plot of the movie. With the comeback of Emperor Palpatine and the Resistance, it is not a surprise that these knights will play a big role.

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    The Knights of Ren are a group who envision a world without any Jedi, so they can be the strongest Force users. All the knights belong to the dark side and all of them possess the Force. The Star Wars universe has not yet explained their background or any sort of story but there was a story about Jedi’s who left the temple to form their own group.

    For the new installment in the franchise, although their lightsabers have never been shown, the Knights will reportedly have new lightsabers which will be a much more refined version of the current lightsabers they currently hold. Another rumor that has been circulating is that the Knights will be against their former leader which comes as a shock because they are all fighting for the same cause.

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    This comes up because Kylo was removed as the leader in The Last Jedi in the ‘Crait’ because he messed up. Furthermore, Kylo already leads a group, ‘The Stormtroopers’ which leads to the question, why would he need more minions who can obey him? Also, Kylo Ren is not on good terms with the First Order which leads fans to think that the Knights of Ren might actually be a threat and not an ally to Kylo.

    Fans are speculating rumors with whatever information they have at their hands. Another rumor has spread which states that one of the Knights might be a Mandalorian. Firstly because they have ancient Mandalorian weapons. Even their suit and armor are of Mandalorian origin which begs the question, which Knight is it?

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    Fans can speculate all they want but will have to wait till the release date of the movie, because there is very little to no information about these mysterious Knights.