Krysten Ritter’s final outing as Jessica Jones in season 5, Netflix and Marvel collaboration ends


    After The defenders, The Punisher and now Jessica Jones people are crying over the end of all the good Marvel-Netflix shows.

    “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” with an IMDB rating of 8/10 is a show based on Marvel’s comic character of the same name. This Netflix original showcase the life of one of the Marvel characters, the mysterious Jessica Jones. A tragedy puts an end to her short-lived career as a superhero. Jessica Jones settles in New York City and opens her detective agency, solving cases which involve people having special abilities.

    Jessica Jones (2015)


    The final season’s trailer has dropped on 6th June 2019, and the audience has about a week to dissect it. The season will have 13 episodes and will release on June 14th.



    Jessica, the protagonist of the show as we know is a flawed hero who has managed to conquer the terrifying Kilgrave in Season 1. She has dealt with her unhinged mother in Season 2. Now she finds herself on the trail of a classic serial killer in Season 3.

    With the end of the last season, it looked like season 3 is going to be about Jessica vs. Trish. But with the entry of another villain, it is possible that Jessica and Trish are going to team up against this villain.

    And not to ignore “The Hellcat”; the trailer seems to be teasing one of Jessica Jones season second biggest twist: The rise of the “Hellcat.” We might see that with Hellcat, the story might develop further towards a more adventurous direction.

    Trish Walker, the sister/best friend of Jessica Jones, is predicted to be the Hellcat. But how this will happen is expected to be explained in the upcoming season.

    Talking about Jessica, she seems to be the same in the next season. She is not a hero as what she and many others say. According to the trailer released, it is assumed that Jessica might turn out as a true hero indeed at the end of the show.