Kylie Breaks Down The Rumour Of Her Pregnancy, Said that She Was just joking.


    The famous Kylie Jenner, who is always in the news for her pics or her beauty product, seems to be in a bit of humor. A rumor has broken down in the media that Kylie may be pregnant with another baby. Is Kylie planning to expand her family?


    The story starts with Khloe’s Instagram story where a voice could be heard from behind, “I am pregnant.” It is possible that Khloe’s story might have spilled the beans. Kylie posted on her story holding a vodka bottle which she wouldn’t drink if she was expecting a second baby.

    It has been a year since Kylie had Stormi with Travis Scott. Kylie has made some statements previously that she wants to be a mother. Kylie says she loves the feeling of being a mother and would love to expand her family. It has been quite a hard days for fans to figure out if Kylie is pregnant or not.

    Jenner responded to the tweet that she is not pregnant. In the previous tweet, she wrote that she was excited to release a project which has been cooking up for months. By responding to this tweet, Kylie might have broken down the rumor, but the social media is still on fire.

    Kylie has told the media in her previous interviews that she wants another baby with Travis, she just doesn’t know when. In Jenner’s birthday tribute to Scott, she wrote: “lets f*** around and have another baby.” Many fans speculate that.

    People have speculated a lot of things, but the truth is that Kylie is not pregnant with Stormi’s sibling. Kylie wants to have a second baby, but it is not going to happen any time soon. She will have another kid in the future, and it is just not right now.