Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in Glastonbury together? Rumor or Truth


    What is Glastonbury?

    Glastonbury is a festival held in Pilton, Somerset England where artists are performing, music, dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret, and others. It’s a five-day festival, people gather in huge numbers to celebrate talent and culture. Leading pop artists join the festival which adds a lot more fun and enthusiasm. The documentaries of the festivals are recorded and distributed later on. Now the festival is being celebrated from very long time and every year it gets more fun. This year Glastonbury is going to start on 26 June 2019 to 30th June 2019.

    About Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper rumor

    Lady Gaga who is an American Singer, Songwriter and, actress and Bradley Cooper who is an American actor and filmmaker was rumored to be performing at the Glastonbury festival about the movie “ A Star is Born.” The rumor started when DJ Edith on one of her interviews with Tom Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer where she mentioned that when she had a talk with Bradley Cooper asking will we get to see them in Glastonbury festival he neither denied or agreed but teased that there might be a chance.

    And what more do we need, fans went all crazy believing and spreading the rumor that it was almost a turning to be true.

    Is it happening?

    Now, all thanks to Emily Eavis, who is an essential member of the festival cleared up the rumors. She said that before things take more severe turn the rumor must come to an end and thus adding that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are ‘not’ performing anything together. Of course, the news broke many hearts who were expecting them together. Though both the artists individually didn’t comment anything related to the rumor, Emily’s statement was enough. But not to worry the festival will have much more to offer to start from leading artists to performances which are going to steal your hearts.