Lady Gaga might be joining Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as Bradley Cooper’s love interest


    James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is shaping up to be a very exciting prospect, indeed.

    Reportedly, singer Lady Gaga is being considered by Marvel Studios to portray Lylla Otter in the upcoming installment of the franchise.

    Credit: Telltale Games

    In the comics, Lylla hails from Halfworld and is an acquaintance of Rocket Raccoon who, down the line, becomes his long-term love interest. So far, the only glimpse of Lylla we have witnessed in the films was during the first Guardians back in 2014, where her name is mentioned as one of Rocket’s former associates, but nothing concrete beyond that.

    Though not set in stone just yet, the rumored casting would bring back together with an on-screen pair that proved to be one of 2018’s most iconic.

    Of course, Rocket is voiced by Bradley Cooper, who directed and starred alongside Lady Gaga in last year’s A Star Is Born. A remake of 1937 original, the film attained almost universal critical praise and won audiences the world over, raking in eight nominations at the 91st Academy Awards this year.

    Moreover, the film oozed with the chemistry between its lead protagonists, birthing an armada of rumors about a potential relationship between Cooper and the singer, though neither has confirmed or denied them this far. Nonetheless, the implication is one that becomes obvious, and executives at Marvel have clearly recognized that reuniting the duo to give Rocket’s love-story the emotional weight it necessitates would be achieved hence, and be a fitting decision for the concluding chapter to the Guardians saga.

    Credit: Warner Brothers

    Director James Gunn is currently shooting for DC’s sequel to Suicide Squad, and it’s unlikely we will get to see the next Guardians film anytime soon, although Marvel has indeed set a tentative release date for 2021 and details are sure to emerge this summer when we first lay our eyes on the slate for Phase Four.