Latest updates on “13 Reasons Why”: Will Hannah be back on season 3 ???


    The very famous and most popular teen web series: ” 13 REASONS WHY” is all set to release its third season. The series eventually started in 2017 with its season 1 and got positive response from critics and audience.

    The plot revolves around the lives of seventeen year old high school students , Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. With the later one committing suicide and leaving behind cassette tapes revealing the reasons behind her suicide. It is an absolute unique concept dealing with sexual assault, suicide and other dark aspects.

    While season 1 became an instant hit but season 2 failed to impress audience. The ghost of Hannah coming back and asking for help from Clay to solve her suicide mystery made season 2 a bit irritating. As per sources, makers expect season 3 to be as successful as season 1 and hopefully they will not repeat the blunders committed in season 2.


    Amidst all other revelations, fans are eagerly waiting for any confirmation regarding Hannah Baker’s role in season 3. Katherine Langford who played Hannah in the series is definitely people’s favorite because of her fabulous acting skills. She is one of the main reasons behind the success of the series. Though her role was limited to season 2 still we are hoping for some sort of miracle so that we can have her back in the upcoming season.

    As per rumors, Langford will be seen on season 3 playing a new character. It is confirm that she won’t portray Hannah in the new season. She even took to instagram and broke this news to her fans. She made it clear that they won’t see Hannah anymore in 13 REASONS WHY.

    We will surely miss Hannah as she is an integral part of the series. We hope for some new twists and turns in season 3 making it a blockbuster again. Although this is for sure that¬† Langford fans won’t get upset. She will hopefully come back to entertain her fans with season 3.