LEAKED: Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow movie logo and on set images


    After the bittersweet ending in Endgame, Marvel fans just want more. They got a trilogy for Iron Man, Captain America and Thor already. And now it seems they’ll get to see Black Widow again.

    Black Widow is one of the most awaited Marvel movie and the recent leak of its shooting photos has made us hungry for more. The makers didn’t reveal anything yet formally but we know some details. The shooting is currently underway in Budapest and a photo of the logo was leaked just recently.

    BLACK WIDOW Official Logo
    byu/0611mcl inmarvelstudios

    Starring Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow has been our favourite female Avenger since Iron Man 2. In addition, the film also stars David Harbour and Florence Pugh. The film has been expected and wished for so long that the rumours just cannot be stopped.

    Natasha Romanoff was trained by the Winter Soldier according to comics but there has been no rumour nor any confirmation that he plays a key role in the movie.

    Without any prior announcement, makers had already started shooting for the film. But due to the curious eyes and ears everywhere, the media knows everything. Another photo leaked was of Scarlett riding a bike with her co star Florence Pugh.

    The major deaths in Endgame was of Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. Though Iron Man already has a three part series, it is unlikely we’ll ever get to see him back on big screen. But the shooting for Black Widow has made everyone sit straight once again.

    What will the movie be about?

    As speculated by rumours, it may feature Natasha from before her intro in Iron Man 2. Though nothing has been set or announced yet, there is a series of rumours going on with fans going wild.

    Not everyone has healed yet from the two major deaths in Endgame but at least we’ll get to see Black Widow in her form again.