Legion Season 3: Showrunner Teased the Conclusion. Will David be Able to Redeem all His Wrongdoing?


    David Haller (Dan Stevens) in the last season of Legion is going through a terrific phase. There he is willing to do everything to get love from everyone around him, by hook or crook. An enigmatic and wildly compelling cult leader diverting his followers’ state of mind with drugs, is now in the world where he has to confront the wrong actions and decisions he has taken. With the help of time traveler Switch (Lauren Tsai), he now wants to put right all the damages. As because of them only he is at odds with someone he loved once in a time.

    Legion Seaon 3: Showrunner Teased the Conclusion. Will David be Able to Redeem all His Wrongdoing?
    LEGION, Dan Stevens as David Haller. Credit: Suzanne Tenner/FX

    From Protagonist to Antagonist

    Noah Hawley who helmed and created the American FX series recently cleared what he is up to by converting the protagonist into a kind of antagonist. The showrunner was on the set for the shoot of season 3 which is still on the floor.  She talked to Collider and detailed about the horrible things David has done. Also about how he will redeem all of his wrongdoing, his relationship with Syd (Rachel Keller) among others.

    Well, this Marvel comic show is not the first in which we are witnessing a hero getting converted into the villain. Noah justified the plot as “We’re not the first show to do it. Obviously, Breaking Bad built a whole seventh season arc around, at what point do you realize that Walter White is actually not the hero. But that he’s the villain of the story. “

    Noah is well known to the fact that it will be difficult to connect the audience with the show after all these David’s antagonistic actions and to this he stated that “What’s interesting is to challenge the audience to say, are you with him(David) now? Are you with him still? And if you’re not with him, we have to make sure that you’re with the other characters, and that you want Syd to win.”

    Legion Seaon 3: Showrunner Teased the Conclusion. Will David be Able to Redeem all His Wrongdoing?
    David and Syd in Legion, Credit: FX

    How Does The Show Will End?

    The showrunner also teased the conclusion of this final season of Legion. But barely one can anticipate with this whether David will be a hero at last or someone else will be. “He’s not really physically capable of the perspective of himself. “That’s part of my desire to continue to explore mental illness, as a real and adult facet of this show”. He told about to Collider. But afterward, he added that “We expect our characters to learn and to be redeemed. But some people aren’t really capable of that. Maybe they can interact with therapy, but it’s hard for them to deal with tough love.”

    The answers suggest that we can witness more in the David and Syd relationship that can challenge the audience. Because Noah only claimed that “For me, it’s always about empathy, and it’s always about challenging the audience, on some level, to care about people who aren’t like them.” “Also, maybe throughout this story, you’ll realize that there are some people who can be saved and there are some people who can’t be saved, and maybe you can learn to tell the difference,” she added.