Let’s Get Rolling: The Rolling Stones Commence their No Filter Tour


    The Rolling Stones are rolling again! The Chicago Bears stadium was packed to watch the first show of their North American tour which had been postponed earlier due to frontman Mick Jagger’s ill health. However, Jagger was in his element; he was hyperactive on stage. He just demonstrated that heart surgery and age are not deterrents to a rock legend.

    Old is Gold

    What’s stunning about The Rolling Stones is that they are still active performers despite every member of the band having crossed the age of 70. Jagger (lead vocals) is 75, Keith Richards (guitar) is also 75, Charlie Watts (drums) is 78, and Ronnie Wood (guitar) is 72.

    The Rolling Stones

    They kicked off the No Filter Tour in Chicago as the band wanted to pay homage to the city which is a blues hub. Their website reads that they will be playing “the biggest hits and classic cuts from every Rolling Stones studio album from 1971 to 2016’s ‘Blue & Lonesome’”. According to CBSNews, the band performed a number of classics such as “Brown Sugar” and “Sympathy for the Devil”.

    Jagger’s showmanship and stamina have been commended by surprised fans and reviewers. He made no mention of any ailment as he strutted across the stage, doing his signature hip-shake and wildly gesticulating.

    Move With Jagger

    Their upcoming shows will be in Chicago, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey, Colorado, Washington, California, Arizona and Georgia — and that’s in the United States alone! They will also be playing in Ontario, Canada, and London and Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

    Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones

    Tickets for the tour are available on Ticketmaster which can be reached through the official website of The Rolling Stones. In case you can’t be at the tour, you can stream their music on Spotify, iTunes, Wynk or Gaana and have a rocking and “rolling” party in your living room.