Lost in Space season 2 can finally be streamed on Netflix!


    Surprise! Or not. Seeing how we all have been anxiously waiting for the second season of Lost in Space series, the time has finally decided to show mercy on us. With only a few months left in this pretty long wait of ours, the makers still remain tight-lipped about the gory interesting details behind the release and other events.

    Apart from the obviously huge fact that the Robinsons will surely continue their adventures past the 10-episode first season of Lost in Space, we are still kept in dark about many other questions.

    Release Of Second Season of Lost In Space?

    Although Netflix officially announced the season 2 on 14th of May 2018, the news about it remains scarce after all these months.

    However, we can try to estimate the time of our wait. The season 1 took almost seven months, considering the post acting and CG works, let’s add another few months. We can possibly expect it to be out in November this year. If there are some delays due to some unseen reasons, well, latest by around April 2010.

    Lost in Space season 2 can finally be streamed on Netflix!
    Cast in 2nd Season?

    About the cast, I think we can safely expect the Robinson parents, Maureen and John respectively played by Molly Parker and Toby Stephens to be back.

    And there’s absolutely no doubt in the coming back of the Robinson kids who help in moving the story with the addition of interesting elements like teen angst and other emotions. Judy (Taylor Russell), Will (Maxwell Jenkins), Penny (Mina Sundwall) will all be back according to what reports say.

    About the other characters that we are not sure yet, we just have to wait for the release. However, we can fully expect to see Sibongile Mlambo, Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio up to no good on the set.Lost in Space season 2 can finally be streamed on Netflix!

    Lost In Space Season 2 Plot?

    Since we have already seen the season 1 ending in an unexpected epic cliffhanger where the Robinsons are zapped away, you are probably waiting on your tiptoes for the upcoming plot.

    The drawing by Will’s Robot is somehow connected to where the Robinsons are going to find themselves. This is probably going to be a huge part of what the next season is made of. The Resolute’s initial destination was Alpha Centauri, which was supposedly the place where the entire future of mankind lies. What we have to see is whether Victor will continue on this journey or reconcile with the Robinsons.

    For the remaining updates, all we have to do is resume our fruitful(hopefully?) wait for the Lost in Space: season 2.