Madonnas Journey to Her Award Winning Album : Madame X


    New Album Released?

    Madonna is back to shake up the music industry once again. Her new album named “Madame X” has been released, and the album is climbing it’s the way to the charts. Madonna’s 36-year long musical carrier has been complicated than any A-list pop star. Madonna has again made a statement in the industry with her new album “Madame X.”

    Madonna’s rebel heart which she described in her 2015 album has now been beating more passionately and now when she has freed herself from becoming the number 1 on the charts. Her new album has now again portrayed herself as the most significant risk taker pop star.

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    Martha Graham explained that “her album Madame X is back to her roots. She doesn’t care at all.” Madonna’s singing statement is all over the album, and her song God control, in Madame X brings light to the dark places. Crave, is a love song in which she plays down to the accent and gets lost in the emotion. Her words are loud and clear in the song which could be heard resonating throughout the album.

    Madonna’s album has Song like “Killer Who Are Partying” is a type where she brings out some harsh blows on political oppression: “I’ll be Islam if Islam is hated / I’ll be Israel if they are incarcerated.”Madonna’s strongest emotions are buried deep in her album. Her song “Crazy” is sweet, but it also shows how her mind is fed up. “Come Alive” is a song with a girlish vibe which tells that she does not care about blending in.

    Madame X lyrics are loaded with the potential interpretation, which goes well beyond her narrative. Her lyrics are extra, but that is how Madonna has always been. Something is thrilling about the music on Madame X that can trigger that familiar “worried about Madonna” feeling.