Major Spoiler Ahead Chris Evans “CAPTAIN AMERICA” Returns


    Chris Evans has been talking about how he’s done with Captain America for months.when he wrapped production on Avengers 4, he posted a tweet that sounded a lot like he was saying goodbye.

    Well, according to the Russo Bros., Chris Evans may not be done with Captain America after all. They make it sound like he will return in some way after Avengers 4.

    While talking to the USA today, Joe Russo was asked about Evan’s tweet that teased his exit as the superhero, and this was his response

    Major Spoiler Ahead Chris Evans "CAPTAIN AMERICA" Returns

    That’s undoubtedly sound interesting! While we don’t what exactly he’s talking about, it seems like Evans will be back as CAPTAIN AMERICA! We have no idea in what way or capacity.

    So, the obvious question here is, was captain America living in the whole past time? Turns out,in his time travels,he founds another dimension to live in with Agent Carter.”if CAP was to go back into the past and live there,he would create a branched reality,”Joe Russo said.”the question then becomes, how is he back in this reality to give the shield away?” he added.

    Which is what we wondered too. But here’s how they responded to that.”Maybe there’s a story there,” he said, a big hint that his journey is not over yet.

    We did not get any confirmations. But the answer leaves a big room for the possibility of a ‘Captain America 4’ someday, maybe.