Mariah Carey has apparently cheated on her ex husband James Packer. Is it true????


    In the entertainment industry, link ups and breakups are pretty common. But when it comes to accusations like cheating, it is a very big deal…….


    This time our very favorite Mariah Carey is constantly facing the accusation of cheating her ex-husband. Her ex-hubby, James Packer spoke to media confirming that Mariah was in a relationship with Bryan Tanaka six months prior to their divorce.

    Recently, footage emerged of Mariah and Bryan which gave rise to all these controversies. The footage shows Mariah giving a lap dance to Bryan, now her boyfriend. The star wore a sequinned mini dress with one high-heeled foot on his abdomen. As she dances, he reaches up and pulls at her tiny skirt, before they start grinding on each other.

    Even a source told,”They were clearly more than just friends even then. It was so flirtatious and there was so obviously something going on”. Her close friends sensed it then only that Mariah and Bryan were sexually involved.

    Now after Mariah’s divorce, she is open about her relationship with Bryan. They often post loved-up pictures on social networking sites. They are happily flaunting their beautiful relation to every other event. Really they look perfect together and their chemistry is exceptional.

    The singer is alleged that she is polyamorous. To this, she responded very bravely. Her team said in an interview,”We have not been privy to the content in question and cannot confirm from whence it came nor when, however as stated numerous times in the past, Mariah is not polyamorous.”

    IS IT ALL TRUE??? OR JAMES IS DOING ALL THIS TO DEFAME MARIAH??? Until and unless the star reveals the truth we can’t say anything as of now.

    Stay tuned to know more about such controversial topics !!!!!!!