Mark Hamill shall make a return on The Rise of Skywalker as a Force Ghost


    Mark Hamill has no plans as of yet, to bow out from the Star Wars franchise. The actor divulged some details about the new Star Wars movie in works. In an interview to the Associated Press, Hamill talked about his character.


    The Rise of Skywalker is about to go on floors as the next Star Wars movie. Fans expect Mark Hamill to appear as a Force Ghost in the movie. The final film of the Skywalker Saga would have Hamill making an appearance. However, Hamill hopes that it would be the last Star Wars movie where his character makes an appearance.

    In a premiere for Child’s Play, Mark Hamill talked about his character’s future. “I had closure in [The Last Jedi]. The fact that I’m involved in any capacity is only because of that peculiar aspect of the Star Wars mythology where if you’re a Jedi, you get to come back and make a curtain call as a Force ghost.”

    Fans have also come up with their own theory about the new movie. Despite Mark Hamill confirming that he would appear as a Force Ghost, fans have other theories. In their opinion, we might have a resurrection of Luke Skywalker.

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    Fans used promotional photos to show that Luke might not be dead after all. It is believed that Star Wars is keeping this major twist under wraps.

    If the Rise of the Skywalker brings back Luke, Mark Hamill might not have bid farewell to the franchise, yet. Also, it would mean that the franchise came up with this major twist to catch the fans off guard.

    The Last Jedi received a lukewarm response from both fans and critics. So, the makers would hope to overturn that in subsequent movies. The Rise of the Skywalker debuts on December 20th. So, we’d have to wait to learn about Mark Hamill’s fare in the movie.