Marvel alert: Florence Pugh to play the antagonist in Black Widow


    The English actress Florence Pugh will be seen in the movie Black widow. She will be posted in a role opposite of Natasha Romanoff. She will be playing Yelena Belova, an assassin who will be attacking Natasha aiming to kill her. Not much is known about her role but such information could be postulated by her pictures on Instagram.

    Appearance in Black Widow

    Black Widow and florence Pugh

    The English actress Florence Pugh is likely to appear in the film Black Widow. The film will be released this year in 2019. However, in fact, Pugh’s role in the film is still in darkness and nothing much is known about it except the speculation that she will be posted as Natasha’s moral opposite in the film. According to the reports, Pugh will be playing the fellow black widow as Yelena Belova, another assassin in the comics who was trained in the Red Room.

    Pugh alias Yelena would be seen turning against Natasha as she will be sent to kill her by her masters. It is speculated that the film would be premised on the ramifications of the events of End Game.

    Pugh’s Instagram pictures serve as hints

    Pugh has shared some pictures of her recently on Instagram in which she is riding on a bike. The pictures are held as snippets from the shooting set. They, however, serve as hints about her role in which she will be seen in the movie Black Widow. Avengers aficionados are very hopeful of her to execute the role of Yelena Belova as it has been in the comics.

    Other Information

    After witnessing her in many Hollywood hits prior to the movie which is yet to release, it is expected that Florence will be rocking this role as well. Her role is still shrouded in mystery though but will come to the limelight by 2020.