Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Gameplay Mechanics and Addition of X-Men!


    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is scheduled to launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on July 19 and with this new trailer, there’s also a lot of good stuff we’re knowing about – including the prominent roles of X-Men!

    The Marvel Ultimate Alliance series has been appreciated and favoured by all die hard Marvel fans and gamers out there, especially admiring the mind boggling plot and the thrill that radiates. But this time, the series takes on a new turn with the same super villain and master of creating havoc, Titan Thanos and his “Black Order” contingent, but in a completely new universe.

    What’s expected is to combine the super heroic abilities of the our favourite heroes and try and put an end to the Mad Titan’s dominance and chaos.

    Gameplay Mechanics: 

    Players can choose to go solo and fight alongside AI-controlled partners or join three online allies for some co-op action. Depending on the characters available during battle, you can team up certain heroes to activate synergy skills. For instance, Iron Man can shoot off his “Unibeam” at Captain America’s shield and split it into a series of lasers that targets multiple foes.

    When you form teams, specific powers and characteristics boost up and create a formidable attack on our villains.

    More of X-Men:

    The new gamefootage reveals that apart from Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm, Magneto, Mystique and Juggernaut will also be part of playable characters. Though Beast, Colossus and Cyclops appear in the game, they aren’t available in the playable form yet.

    Inclusion of X-Men has created a new discussion amongst the Marvel fans. They aren’t included that much in MCU Games but this new sequel of Marvel Ultimate Alliance has brought in changes to favour our Professor X’s squad too.

    Make sure to be attuned to the newest trailers and announcements of the game scheduled to release on July 19 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.