Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has begun filming for its seventh season


    Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is reported to have begun filming for its seventh season. Although the sixth season of the television season is yet to air, productions of season 7 has already begun. ABC has decided to go ahead with the seventh season as confirmed by cast member Ming-Na Wen on Instagram.

    Credits: YouTube

    There was uncertainty, however, about season 7 of Agents of SHIELD. With Disney+ arriving on the streaming service scenario, the future of Marvel’s television series remained unsettled.

    Several television series featuring Marvel characters were supposed to be launched on Disney+. These included television series featuring Loki, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier and Falcon.

    The launch of Disney+ strained the relationship between Netflix and Marvel. Disney had earlier purchased the rights to Marvel Studios from Fox.

    Netflix had recently moved forward with its decision to cancel Iron Fist and Luke Cage, in an unprecedented move. Hence, there was a shadow of doubt about Marvel’s Agent of SHIELD.

    Fans heaved a sigh of relief when ABC picked up the season. The ratings for Agents of SHIELD has typically been consistent throughout all its previous seasons. Hence, fans have been looking forward to the seventh season of the show.


    “ Season 7!! My first day back for S7 of @agentsofshield. Passed my physical (of course!) and tried on some new outfits. Love being back on SHIELD campus. So fun to see the fam. Let’sget this party started,” Ming-Na Wen captioned her Instagram post. The actress was excited to start filming the season 7 of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

    The seventh season of Agents of SHIELD shall have 13 episodes like season 6. The previous seasons had 22 episodes each. It streams on Hulu alongside Runways. It seems unlikely, however, that the show would shift to Disney+, this year. ABC could have the rights to the show till 2020.