“Master Of The Universe” Is Coming Up With ‘Noah Cinteino’ & Cast as He-Man


    After a huge development, Master Of The Universe is going to hit the theatres soon. And the cast of this movie is very excited about the movie.

    Noah Cinteineo is going to play the role of He-Man in the upcoming reboot. He said it’s a big responsibility. It is like the first one in, last one out every single day, which I’ve done before, but I’ve never done it on a studio level. Which, studio level is the same as indie, but like, they got playback… It’s a big opportunity, and I feel ready to tackle it and explore and learn more with it.”

    Noah Centineo was asked if he’s started practicing and learning He-Man’s iconic “I have the power!” catchphrase. And to this question, he responded with a confident yes.“I’ve been screaming it until my voice is vocally fried, man.” Noah replied with elaboration.

    "Master Of The Universe" Is Coming Up With 'Noah Cinteino' & Cast as He-Man

    Centineo then spoke about what kind of story the film will have, and while he didn’t say much, he expressed a lot of trust in directors Adam and Aaron Nee.

    Jeff Wadlow explained of his previous MotU pitch. I love He-Man. I still have all my original integers from the ‘80s. That’s why I got the job. I brought them in and put them on the table, and then I realized ‘This is why I’m a director!’ I

    This movie will be out soon. And the whole cast is waiting for this to hit the screens soon. Fans are too waiting to watch this movie.