Matthew Perry Jokes on Getting a Manicure after Unkempt Photographs


    The fans of the favorite sit-com Friends have always had a soft spot for the clumsy, sassy and funny Chandler Bing. So it is not a surprise that with his recent tweet he made us laugh. The Daily Mail photographed Matthew Perry in a somewhat “disheveled” manner and “sparked concern” as he walked the streets of New York.

    Matthew Perry

    Perry, who had been assailed by health issues, recently had major gastrointestinal surgery. So his photograph appeared after a long gap. After the operation in 2018, this seems to be his first appearance. His unkempt appearance raised concerns, and it did not take long for people to speculate about the reason.

    So when Perry posted a rather sassy comeback, dismissing all concerns and curiosity about his fingernails (yes, even his fingernails were not spared from the eagle eyes) we all were ecstatic with the glimpse of Chandler Bing. He said that he would immediately manicure his nails and that should do the work of appearing more respectable.

    Perry’s comment section instantly flooded with equally sassy comments, memes, and quotations from Friends. Fans were all showing up showering him with their supporting.

    Perry had a lot of health scares as he openly admits about his past affliction with prescription drugs and alcoholism. He had been to rehab and supported the cause through his actions. He sold his sober-living facility, “The Perry House” in 2015.

    All I can hope, as I, a fan of the Matthew Perry, that he always retains his brand of humor while keeping himself safe and healthy. Oh yes, I hope he finds the joy of “manicure” and unexpectedly like it.