Mayans MC season 2: Release Date Confirmed; Theme and Star Cast were Also Teased by the Creator


    The Sons of Anarchy’s prequel series, Mayans MC which was a great hit and one the most talked about series throughout the season is no doubt getting renewed for the second season. This renewal was so evident that it would have been speculated even before the announcement by the creators. Well, the fantastic revelation as of now is the release date for the sequel of this American crime drama series.

    What’s the Release Date For Season 2?

    Recently, FX uncovered the premiere date for many series. The list includes American Horror Story: 1984, Mr. In-Between, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Mayans MC. The excellent news for Mayans MC’s fans is that the series will hit the platform soon. The first episode will air on Tuesday, September 3rd, at 10 pm ET.

    It’s a confirmation that has given relief to many as all the viewers must have the desperation to know the follow up of the series which was remained a cliffhanger in the finale of season one.

    Mayans MC season 2: Release Date Confirmed; Theme and Star Cast were Also Teased by the Creator
    MAYANS M.C. Pictured: JD Pardo as EZ Reyes. Credit: James Minchin/FX

    Interestingly, like other series fans didn’t have to wait for long to be confirmed about the sequel of the franchise. The first season made its debut on September 4, 2018, and FX announced the renewal even before the finale of season 1. After the announcement Nick Grad, president of original programming at FX Networks and FX Productions expressed that “Mayans M.C. is performing fantastically, proving to be a breakout first season,”

    He further added as “The series premiered as the highest rated cable series this year and continues to sustain a committed fan base, reflecting the talent and drive of creators Kurt Sutter and Elgin James,” he added. “We couldn’t be more excited to take this ride to a second season.”

    Theme Around Which the Plot Will Revolve?

    From time to time we came across one, or other information about the series and one among them is the theme for season 2. It was revealed by co-creator Kurt Sutter back in May. He took to Instagram and wrote down that “Nate, and I just witnessed the first table read for season 2 of #mayansmc. This year it’s all about the power of the #mayangods. And of course, the #mayandogs.”

    The announcement was in line with the schedule he reported to the Hollywood Reporter after the Season 1 finale. The statement reads as “I’ll probably start back up with the writers at the end of January,”

    “We’ll go back into production around the end of May. I like to have at least 16 to 18 weeks upfront with my writers to get a grip on things,” Sutter went on to say. “We’ll probably shoot for around the same time with the airing of season two. That’s the schedule of it all, but as far as the ideas? There’s a lot of viable jumping-off points,” he further goes on.

    Mayans MC season 2: Release Date Confirmed; Theme and Star Cast were Also Teased by the Creator
    A Scene From Mayans MC, Image Credit: Pinterest

    What About the Star Cast?

    In the matter of cast, there was no announcement during the confirmation of the release date. But the speculation says that most of the actors in the leading role will recur their part as it is.