Meghan McCain calls co-host bitch on tv…here’s what happened.


    On Wednesday’s episode of the view, we saw the ladies in the midst of a heated argument. If you have watched enough events of view, then you know that a seemingly calm discussion can turn into a lively debate in no time.

    What took place on the “View.”

    Well on Wednesday’s episode of view, we witnessed exactly that. The hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunni Hostin, McCain and Behar, were discussing President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign. The panel was engaged in a debate, notably McCain and Behar. Behar criticised Trump by comparing him to a jukebox to bring out the fact that both play the same recordings every time. Where Trump’s tape plays sentences like lock her up, the press is the enemy . Behar felt they might as well get a jukebox instead of Trump. At this point, the discussion was still going calmly.

    SOURCE: USA Today

    How things got out of hands…

    Things took a wild turn later on in the show when McCain explained why trump remained popular with voters. “Don’t belittle the crowd. Don’t belittle the enthusiasm. Democrats have a lot to come. A lot of people are enthusiastic, and when one of my producers were saying, ‘Why do people love him so much?’ It’s not just they love Trump so much. It’s they hate the same things Trump hates. That’s what’s going on.”McCain said.

    Behar immediately retaliated by saying, “Who? Black people, you mean? Immigrants? Who do they hate?” to which McCain responded that she thinks people should remain “open-minded” and not judge the crowd who attended the campaign rally Tuesday night. McCain further said, “I know you’re angry. I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president like a lot of people are, but I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem,”

    McCain further stated that she was the sacrificial republic in the show every day to which Behar cheekily responded by saying Awww. This infuriated McCain to the point that she said, “don’t feel bad for me, bitch, I’m paid to do this. Don’t feel bad for me.”

    How all of it resolved …..

    Later the show went on commercial and when it returned Goldberg said that the word was commonly used in the past seasons of play and they stopped it because one of their Co-host didn’t like it. “Joy and I call each other ‘bitch’ all the time and text each other ‘bitch.’ I know you’re comfortable with it, she knows I’m satisfied with it. I also enjoy and love fighting with you, and she enjoys competing with me,” McCain explained.

    She went on by saying, “I want everyone to stop being so precious about our relationship because it’s almost 2020 and women can debate on TV in a spirited way without it being personal. And I know this is a big shock, but we get along backstage.” Behar also responded by adding that, “Even if it gets vicious—it does get vicious—we’re both pugilistic, and so it’s fine. I’m very straight in what I believe, and so is she—we’re going to fight. And I don’t care if you call me a bitch,”