‘Men In Black: International’ Might Be Or Is Already A Flop


    If you’re a fan of the Men In Black original series, then you might be disappointed with the recently released ‘Men In Black: International.’

    ‘Men In Black: International’ is a Plain Jane:

    The fourth movie in the series, MIB: International has Chris Hemsworth and his Thor Ragnarok co-star, Tessa Thompson as main leads. It hit the theaters on 14th June but is already being criticized for many things. The movie is drab and dull. The plot is loose, and even the context seems lost in the middle of the film. The humor, instead of making the audience laugh, have them rolling their eyes due to its “cliche-ness.”

    There isn’t anything new to the story.

    The movie starts with Thompson as Molly, who has a dream of joining MIB after she comes across a MIB alien altercation in her childhood. She starts working as Agent M with Agent H played by Hemsworth who like every cliched actor initially rejects to work with the female lead. They come in possession of a deadly weapon and has a group of aliens chasing after them.

    The sequel does not do enough justice to the original series

    When the news came that MIB: Internation won’t have Will and Tom, we were a bit or let’s say, majorly disappointed. And when the trailers were out, many of us had already predicted that the sequel wouldn’t be as good as the original one.

    Will Smith, aka Agent J and Tom Lee Jones aka Agent K’s Men In Black, still make us laugh over Agent J’s arrogance and silliness. The series is an epic with unforgettable characters, villains and scenes even after more than two decades. Many of us still love to re-watch it. It has great humor, intriguing story-line, and a brotherly bond between the two agents.


    After its release, we can say that Men In Black: International does no justice to the MIB franchise. It looks like even Chris’s smoldering looks and Tessa’s charm won’t be able to earn much at the box office.