Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split up Rumors Slammed by the couple


    This very young couple is splitting up? That’s the tea, to know read further.

    The Rumour

    Rumors are that the considerably new couple has split. Is it true? Gossip Cop started it, and they claimed that their marriage is in danger, Miley is acting wild again. It said that the singer was being very immature and that caused a major fight between them. However, Miley assured the fans that it is not what it looks like. They are actually very happy together.

    Miley’s Post

    Miley took no time to respond to the article; she posted on Instagram, “I love how you let ME be ME.” Who are we to judge if the acts are immature or if her husband does not like them? If Miley is comfortable and her fans are wanting it, why be harsh to her? It is ridiculous even to assume it. Hemsworth is well aware of Miley’s personality and loves her for who she is.

    Their Bond is Strong

    They are still strong in this relation. Don’t worry about the rumors. They are celebrating their tenth anniversary together. Miley’s Instagram story on a special day shut the rumors, and it read: “Happy 10 year anniversary, my love.” The couple got married in December 2018 and have shown what indeed committed love is.

    For the fans who are working out there, do not as this beautiful couple stands strong. Your faith in them should be strong as well.