Minecraft Movie Confirmed for 2022 but who are the cast?


    The Minecraft movie is going to take its time, though we have a release date –March 4, 2022.

    The Announcement

    Mojang announced the dates on 16th April 2019 on a blog post. Warner Bros has been working on the movie since 2014. They even had the plan to release the movie this year itself. Apparently, the clock was reset, and it’s a long wait now.

    What’s The Story?

    The story is going to be about a teen and her adventures. The teen and her friends have to save their beautiful blocky world. However, this idea was not the original one; Mojang came up with it later. The original story was an adventure in a very classic 1985 style. It was supposed to be like The Goonies.

    Minecraft Movie Confirmed for 2022 but who are the cast?

    Well, we only hope the change was for good. The gamers have high hopes from this movie. Warner Bros is taking this big risk; video games adaptations have not been successful in the past. They are quite confident, maybe because they are super determined and creative this time.
    The game is rated 10+ so on this basis we can assume that the movie will be a PG, sans any realistic violence. The movie is expected to be a live action, maybe a 3D/IMAX.

    Why Is It Taking So Long?

    The main reason is creativity. There is a lot of creativity, needs to go into the movie to make it a success. Recently, Majong and Shawn Levy had the opposite views about the storyline. They were confused, but thankfully that has been resolved. The movie is under development for more than 4 years now. We can be nothing but grateful for at least getting a release date.

    The fans need to maintain their patience and hope the dates don’t get reset again.