Molly Parker reveals Lost in space Season 2 Timeline, release date & more


    After the release of the first season of Lost in space in 2018. Netflix officially confirmed the season 2 of the Lost in space series on 14 May 2018

    A 60’s classic Lost in space is going to reimagine by the Netflix even though this movie already has 2 major remake one is a movie in 1998 and a tv series in 2004. Netflix has decided to give this classic modern touch. As the name says this is the story of The Robinson family who has lost in space and they got stuck on a plant which already has a lot of Jupiter ships on it.

    Another important question here arises is that after a cryptic ending of the season one of Lost in space what is going to be the story of season 2

    The lost in space has an enigmatic ending where. The Robinson family was thrown into a new galaxy and a extra passenger namely Dr. Smith was trying to approach some aliens in the Jupiter 2 and sent them into a warm hole and ended up landing in a new galaxy so the season 2 will have a story in which the Robinson family is trying to explore the new galaxy and they were attempting to reconnect to the resolute to get back into there galaxy . Joining all the hints together we can say that season 2 is going to be loved by all the fans of season 1.

    When is Lost in space season 2 is going to release

    A big question that arises here is that when is Netflix is going to drop the next season of the Lost in space series. As Netflix has officially announced the season 2 back in 2018 just after a month when the season 1 was released. The product of season 2 has officially begun in September of 2018.

    If we look at the pattern of the Netflix dropping the season one. We will notice that The Lost in space season one was officially wrapped up in July 2017 and the series is premiered in August 2018 after 8 months of wrap up. The production of season 2 was wrapped up in January of 2019 so if Netflix is going to follow the same time table. So we can expect that the Lost in Space season 2 to release somewhere near late 2019.