Most awaited Updates of Red Dead Redemption has finally received


    Red Dead Redemption has finally received the updates the players have been waiting for and it is all that they imagined. Rockstar Games has also promised more updates in the coming weeks.

    The video game Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018 and the online version was beta tested right after, but fans were not happy with it. Rockstar Games has finally released the new update for the game to fix what it lacked and also to add new features to it. Luckily, for PS4 fans, four new missions will be available before the official release which is set for June-July 2019.

    They have already added new challenges, such as the Wild Animal Kills challenge where the bonus points have been increased according to the size of the animal hunted. This Free Roam event also has the added feature where offensive attacks have been disabled during the challenge, which allows players to focus on the hunt.

    In addition to that, they also added the ‘Head for the Hills’ mode where players have to get to their safe houses while other participants can hunt them down; it is a part of the Showdown Mode. The creators have promised two new showdown modes- Public Enemy and Sport of Kings.

    The cowboy game has also added new bonus levels for the new players in ‘A Land Of Opportunities’ where they can earn RDO$50 for completing the first mission. 10 gold bars will also be rewarded to those who complete the ‘Destroyed by Grief’ mission; And can earn RDO$75 for completing, ‘Kill them, Each and Every One’ mission.

    New packages have been added that have been inspired by the new Showdown Mode. Instructions for picking them up has been listed on the official website for Rockstar Games.

    The wardrobe has also been updated with new clothes for the characters.

    An advantage has been added for people with a Social Account, who with the help of a 2 Step verification can avail certain benefits provided by the creators for the users.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 has been promised new updates as well. The fans are awaiting the Summer Expansion where new roles will be included: the bounty hunter, the trader, and the hunter, which will provide career paths to online characters.

    Furthermore, creators from Rockstar Games said, “Players will have the option to focus on a specific role to advance quickly and unlock each role’s unique attributes, or simultaneously progress across multiple roles as you play naturally to create your own unique character and path through the frontier.”

    Although the new update will not be available anytime soon, Rockstar Games will be updating them with details about the new features.

    With all the new updates for the previous glitches and disappointments for the game, fans are left satisfied, and are awaiting the newer updates that the creators have provided.