Mr Iglesias Season 1: First Looks, Fluffy’s TV debut!


    Stand up comedy legend Fluffy AKA Gabriel Iglesias is making his television debut on the upcoming American comedy web television series Mr. Iglesias in less than a week!

    Mr. Iglesias focuses on the story of a high school teacher who is trying to make his life balance with keeping his gifted students in safe hands at his alma mater. Fluffy plays the main lead, a down to earth, a warm character known as Gabe, a public high school teacher.

    He guides and teaches the misfits of the school who are incredibly gifted but always on the verge of getting “counseled out” by the assistant principal. Gabe tries to keep them in line while also making them realize their full potential.

    Mr. Iglesias is a part of a three-project deal Iglesias sealed with Netflix in 2018. The first season of the series will contain ten episodes, at an average duration of 30 minutes, created by Kevin Hench.


    At the end of the pilot, Iglesias honors the show by dedicating it to his high school teacher, who is the inspiration behind the series.
    “This show is dedicated to my high school speech teacher, June Garner. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t want to believe in myself.”

    Gabriel explains to entertainment weekly “There’s a story we’re exploring with one of the students having attendance issues because she has to work to help her family. It was important to me that the show be funny but also have substance. My producer Kevin Hench told me in the beginning, ‘I want this show to have Corazon (heart).’ We didn’t want this to be a wacky show, but for it to also have feelings.”

    The main cast comprises of Iglesias himself, Sherri Shepherd, Fabrizio Guido, Jacob Vargas, Cree Cicchino, Gloria Aung, Tucker Albrizzi and Coy Stewart.


    Mr. Iglesias is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on June 21, 2019.