Narcos: Mexico Season Two’s Release Date, Rumors, and More


    Narcos: Mexico is set to come back for a second season in 2019, Netflix has confirmed.

    Tasked with replicating the enormous success of its companion series, the spin-off’s first season premiered in the winter of 2018 and garnered generous critical acclaim, an healthy rating of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes is a case-in-point.

    This led to Netflix instantly appeasing viewer demand and renewing the spin-off for another season, although details about the upcoming series have been kept to an absolute minimum by the streaming behemoth.

    Credit: Netflix

    As things stand, we remain without even a tentative release date, whilst Netflix is yet to either confirm or deny reports that the upcoming season has begun shooting on-location, presumably to keep leaks about the plot stemming from the set under the wraps, an issue that had dogged season two of the original Narcos during production way back in 2016.

    One can discern from the release dates of the previous seasons, including the original run, that season two will most likely premiere on Netflix during the months of Autumn, with November the probable suitor given that it also played host to season one. Similarly, if industry rumors are to be believed, the upcoming season could also replicate its predecessor when it comes to length, and feature around ten episodes.

    The show’s ensemble, or at least those whose characters managed to survive season one’s torrid power struggle, are set to return. Diego Luna will reprise his role as kingpin Felix Gallardo, with Alejandro Edda in the running for more of the spotlight this time around as his understudy and protege, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

    Scoot McNairy’s Agent Walt Breslin was revealed to be the narrator at the end of season one and will return along with the remaining members of the DEA cavalcade for greater screen-time.

    Credit: Netflix

    Season one of Narcos: Mexico can be streamed on Netflix.