Neon Genesis Evangelion is on Netflix- Fans Wait is Over and its Now The Trend.


    The big news is here. Netflix is about to release Neon Genesis Evangelion on Friday. All 26 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion will be streaming on Netflix from June 21 along with two movies.

    What is Neon Genesis Evangelion?

    Well, it is an animated series where giant robots are fighting against giant monsters who are called Angels. The title of the show is quite interesting. It is translated as ” The Gospel of a New Country.” The Evangelion uses a lot of themes from the Bible and Judaism to create its stories.

    Streaming On Netflix

    The show was first released in 1995, way before this current digital sensation. Back then, it had few runs on T.V on American channels such as Anime Network and Cartoon Network. It was quite impossible for people to watch the show. With Netflix releasing the show, people all over the world will have access to it now.


    Neon Genesis Evangelion was created by Hideaki Anno. He was the former animation director of various shows such as Gun Buster, Royal Space Force. In Evangelion, he used the popular mecha genre of anime to show the psychological states through fighting giant robots.

    Shinji Ikari

    Shinji Ikari stars in Evangelions. He is a young man who is often overwhelmed by social anxiety. Although he is quite courageous and his most used line is- “I mustn’t run away.” Shinji becomes a puppet in his father’s mech program. His father needs his son to be the pilot of Eva Unit 01.

    Evangelion Movies

    Along with the series, Netflix is also releasing two movies. Evangelion: Death True combines the recap of the 24 episodes from the series and also a 27 minutes new animation clip. This 27 minute is going to be the opening of the second Evangelion movie called The End of Evangelion.

    Anno’s perfect combination of religious story and fate of human species is going to be worth watching. Be ready to fight against the giant robots on 21 June, only on Netflix.