Netflix has dropped the fifth season of the very famous series-” Black Mirror “


    Netflix has dropped the fifth season of the very famous series-” BLACK MIRROR”. Hence, the season is the most viral topic these days. Read the full article to know more about ” BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5″………

    BLACK MIRROR is a science fiction anthology series and is immensely popular among the audience ever since season 1. After 4 successful seasons, makers have now released season 5 on 5 June,2019. This season is a full package of entertainment comprising of 3 episodes. Season 5 has done complete justice with an amazing cast, concept and plot. Despite of all these aspects, critiques think that the season could have done much better in terms of execution.


    Episode 1: Striking Vipers

    The story of episode 1 revolves around Danny who is in his late 30’s. He lives with his wife Theo and son Tyler. Danny soon comes across one of his old friend Karl who requests Danny to play a virtual reality game-” Striking Viper X”. This game allows its players to experience a virtual world. The actual twist starts when both the friends develop a virtual sexual relation in the game. This virtual relation then becomes a part of their real lives. When confronted by Theo, Danny accepts his relation with Karl and continues it further. Later they are permitted by Theo as well on a condition that she too can meet and hang out with other men.

    Episode 2: Smithereens

    This story is of mentally depressed Chris who is  also a taxi driver. He meets a women who lost her daughter 18 months ago as the later committed suicide. Even Chris lost her beloved wife in a car accident few years ago. They both believe that social media is responsible for all the losses and decides to take revenge from the CEO of Smithereens, a social media company. The women wants access to her dead daughter’s social media account. While on the mission Chris dies in a police encounter.

    Episode 3 : Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Rachel and Jack are two sisters who live together after their father’s death. Rachel gets a AI doll as her birthday present which is a replica of the pop singer Ashley O. Through the doll they rescue Ashley O who was continuously harassed by manager, Catherine. Later Ashley O resumes her singing and is accompanied by Jack on a tour.

    All the 3 episodes represent the connection between humans and technology. Watch the season on Netflix and enjoy !!!!