Netflix is Back with the return of the Titans season 2


    Titans, the American TV series is based on the famous DC comics team Teen Titans. The first season of Titans containing eleven episodes was aired on 12 October 2018. The makers are back with another exciting new season of the show which is due for a late 2019 release.

    New cast on the block-

    • This time the team of Titans is going to be a big one indeed.
    • Adding to the previous marvelous cast of Robin, Starfire, Raven is the new member Bruce Wayne.
    • Bruce Wayne is all set to fight against the evil to keep Gotham away from the danger.

    Cheers to Superboy-

    • Superboy is making a comeback in this season as well.
    • Superboy, who is also known as Conner Kent, is a teenager full of angst.
    • He is a curious teenager, always seeking purpose and truth of the past.
    • He enters the world of the Titans in search of his truth and ends up with new revelations.

    Awaited excitement-

    • The first season of Titans ended on a highly engaging climactic scene which raised the bar of expectation for its audience for the upcoming season.
    • The season finale of season 1 saw Dick Grayson’s confrontation with a deadly sight of Batman and Gotham city.
    • This heart beating season finale left the fans pondering enough about the new season of Titans already.
    Speculations about the story-

    • Rumors are there that the second season of Titans may be an adaptation of The Judas Contact.
    • It might also be an adaptation of how Robin became red hood as Jason Todd is part of the cast.

    Donna Troy once again-

    • Now, who can forget the fascinating character of Donna Troy, who created a fantastic impression among the fans?
    • The new season does not let their fans down, as the favorite of all is back with a bang.
    • Troy inevitably turned heads when she took possession of Grayson instead of Rachel.
    • Fans can hardly wait for her deadly comeback.