Netflix Lost in Space Season 2 Why its Taking Too Long? Or it is Cancelled?


    Netflix never ceases to amaze its audience with its sci-fi series. Lost In Space season, one ended on a serious cliffhanger, so there is some serious explaining to do in season 2. The season 1 ended in April 2018, and it was immediately renewed for season 2 the following month.

    What Will Season 2 Answer For Us

    The season 1 was shot in Vancouver but season 2 will do their shoot in Iceland because the Robinsons are not on the same planet. The season 1 ended with a big cliffhanger. The Robinsons found themselves thrown in a new galaxy. It is possible that that the Robinsons are thrown into THE robots galaxy.

    Cast Update

     The original cast will return as usual. The parents and the kids will be regular but Sibongile Mlambo, who played Angela in season 1 will now be a regular too. According to the updates, two new characters will also be introduced in season 2. Ava, the supervisor of mechanics, and then there is Commander Jiang, the Captain of the Resolute.

    What Season 2 Has To Offer

    Possibly the Robinsons are being drawn to the planets of THE robot. Season 2 will also answer why the human colonist have been using the stolen alien tech. Jenkins told, “the season 2 will be much bigger and better”. It has been said that this season will be more deep and richer than the previous one.

    Season 2 is highly possible to released towards late 2019 or early 2020. Trailer or teaser for season 2 could be expected a month or two before. THE robot and will met a terrible fate when he walked the robot of a cliff because it accidentally injured his father although the director has indicated that will and THE robot are not done.

    Season 2 is currently in development and has maintained high hopes for everyone. The directors also say that this season will be more epic than previous ones. Lost In Space season 2 get a thumbs up from everyone.