Netflix Movie “ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE”, Everything we know so far


    Rom-com is most favorable and searched genre is all entertainment field, especially among the young generation. So here we got you a ROM-com from Netflix which can surely be liked by you that is “Always be my maybe” directed by Nahnatchka Khan which shows us the journey of close neighbor to lovers.

    As the name itself is very interesting, the story is furthermore interesting and even leaded as one of best Rom-com movie in recent year by many sites.


    Starring Ali Wong as Sasha and Randall Park as Marcus whose houses are close to each other in San Francisco. Sasha’s parents have their restaurant and are always busy with it and sometimes they were not even at home at the time of dinner thus Marcus’s mother starts calling Sasha for dinner at their home and soon Sasha starts loving her home cooked food more than any other food which later makes Sasha and Marcus close friends too but as the story is always incomplete without twist and turns, here we have one, Marcus’s mother died and he got unfortunate and depressed after this and for helping him to overcome this disaster Sasha confronts him and during this they accidentally sleep together and loses their virginity to each other.

    after this sad and romantic incident, Sasha leaves San Francisco and shifts to abroad to become a master chef known by everyone and Marcus joins a local band with his father. After many years when they didn’t expect to meet each other, they met when Sasha comes to San Francisco for the opening of a new restaurant and coincidentally Marcus and his father went to her place for some work, and there they reunite.

    ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE Sasha and Marcus later become friends again and plans to go on a double date with their respective partners, but their Sasha confesses to Marcus about her feelings for her. Then they form a couple, but when Sasha asks Marcus to leave for New York with her to start a new restaurant there, he refuses as he didn’t want to leave his home town thus Sasha lefts for New York alone but later how could our hero leave her heroine alone on her special day.


    Yes, on the red carpet of an award function, Marcus makes a dramatic and cool entry and then surprises her. Later they open a restaurant on the name of Marcus’s mother, and he writes a funny song on her ex-boyfriend at the end.
    The happy ending is always good and romantic, and funny stories are like an energy booster.