Netflix Series ’13 Reasons Why’ Slammed By Alarming Increased Suicide Rates


    According to a shocking statistical analysis conducted and published in JAMA Psychiatry, a sudden surge in youth suicides has been linked to the popular teen drama web television series, 13 Reasons Why.

    The show was an instant hit amongst teenagers, hitting the exact spot of the tumultuous and sour side of teen life and what mental and peer pressure can do to the youth. Though it has been successful in delivering the message, there seem to be severe side effects too of watching the show.

    Young women aged 18-19 have shown a spike in suicide trends just three months after the release of the show as compared to men of similar age group. Though nothing is set in concrete and no findings have been justifiably linked to the show, it is inevitable that this linkage will be not be erased.

    This abrupt and significant increase has created an alarm amongst people and parents alike and has initiated a rather important discussion of what online web series inflicts upon today’s teen and children.

    In response to these accusations and publishings, a Netflix spokesperson wrote, “ ’13 Reasons Why’ tackles the uncomfortable reality of life for many young people today and we’ve heard from them, as well as medical experts, that it gave many viewers the courage to speak up and get help.”

    Though as mentioned before, 13 Reasons Why has been successful in delivering its message after noting down the decreased percentage of teens engaging in bullying and improved mental concentration amongst them; this rise is just noticeable now after the release of its second season.

    However, in view of recent reports and findings, it has been encouraged by people and reviewers of the show to rate any series of drama creation keeping in mind the benefit and harm it does to the teens; the vulnerable ones.