Netflix’s Dark renewed for season 3: Release date and plot details!


    Your dreams have now come true! The German Netflix sci-fi drama Dark has been renewed for season 3. This season might be the last installment in the series thus spiking the fans interest all over the world!

    Dark shows us how complex time traveling can get by giving us a sprawling storyline on how the four families are intertwined at every step. With the second season premiered on June 21, it has been a huge hit on Netflix ever since.
    Here are the latest and juiciest updates you can’t keep going without knowing!

    Netflix's Dark renewed for season 3 : Release date and plot details!
    When Dark Season 3 Release?

    The third season despite being confirmed to be renewed, was pretty scarce on the news department.

    From what we know so far, the exact premiere dates have not been officially confirmed. Although we can have our very own highly possible speculations. The timeline and schedules of the previous seasons do not sync as the first season aired in Dec while the second came out in June.

    Seeing how the production has just started, the filming might take up the entire 2019 and might be ready to premiere somewhere in 2020.

    Netflix's Dark renewed for season 3 : Release date and plot details!
    What is the Plot of Dark season 3?

    There has been no official plot synopsis or other story details. Seeing how the season 2 ended in an epic cliff-hanger, the season 3 has quite a few plot threads to frame on.

    Season 2 ending revealed that the characters could not just jump between times but also between dimensions. This leads to a whole lot of consequences and opens up a valley of storylines. Season 3 needs to address a lot of other unanswered questions from season 2, leading to many other plotlines too.

    Netflix's Dark renewed for season 3 : Release date and plot details!
    What happened to Elizabeth and her father? Did they make it out of the bunker? Did Katherina jump to 1986? If so, did she find Mikkel? What will Sic Mundus group do now that the final loop is already executed? Will they stand their own against the fight with Jonas and Martha and of course, time?

    Wait for the premiere for more details!