Netflix’s Russian Doll Is Up For A Second Season! Lyonne says “same show, just weirder.”


    The strange and differently inventive series, Russian Doll may not always appear on your suggested list yet despite the odds, Netflix renews the series for a second season.

    Co-creator and talented star, Natasha Lyonne announced this Tuesday about the show’s surprising renew and what is to be expected from the already weird show. A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet by Netflix or Lyonne but the new season will contain eight episodes just as its predecessor.

    The time-bending drama set in Brooklyn initially makes your head spin, with Lyonne’s character Nadia repeatedly reliving her death and trying to understand the circumstances she died in.

    Lyonne revealed the future of Russian Doll on a panel at Recode’s Code Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona with Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice president for originals and content acquisition.

    During their Code Conference, Holland said “Russian Doll” was a “hit relative to cost” and underscored the “eclectic tastes” of Netflix’s audience, while Lyonne described Netflix’s algorithm as “a bit of a relief,” adding that “boundaries are sort of healthy for the creative process in a way.”

    The series, when first launched in February received critical acclaim and praise. Alicia Lutes of IGN gave the first season a full score and praising the series; she adds that it is “an inventive, unpredictable ride that will easily stand as one of the best shows of the year.”

    All woman created a show featuring Lyonne, Leslye Headland, and Amy Poehler was a hit as compared to its expectations and weird genre.

    Lyonne told Indiewire when the first season launched, “I have some ideas that are pretty out there for what the next season would be. The show certainly has some legs for more bizarre scenarios.”

    Lyonne has made several comments along with the show’s co-creators about Russian Doll’s three-season arc.