New Born Baby Found In A Plastic Bag: GEORGIA


    A newborn baby was found alive inside of a plastic bag in the woods on 6 June. And the infant has been nicknamed “Baby India.”


    “Baby India” was discovered around 10 p.m. on the side of the road. She was located only after a family living nearby heard her crying in a forested area in Forsyth Country. According to news reports, a resident named Alan Ragatz and his teen daughters discovered her after hearing the sound of crying. They left the house to investigate and found the baby in a plastic bag. Then being a responsible person, he calls the police. The baby was in stable condition and still had her umbilical cord attached and part of the placenta according to the reports. Deputy Sheriff Roper said: “I could immediately tell she was reasonably healthy even though she had just been dropped off on the side of the road.”

    Source :- WGXA


    “BABY INDIA IS THRIVING”- rescue footage

    Georgia sheriff released dramatic video footage showing the rescue of a newborn baby girl. In the video, a deputy officer is wearing a yellow plastic bag and finding a crying baby. This matter has drawn national attention as officials are still attempting to locate her mother. Forsyth County sheriff’s office has released the footage in the hope of receiving credible information about “baby India” and her mother. In addition to the video, the sheriff’s office recently released new pictures hoping that someone would come forward to help.

    Police then safely wrap the baby in several blankets. Then they transfer her to a hospital for determining her health, and she was beautiful. “We are happy to report that baby India is thriving and is in the care of the Georgia Department of family and children services,” police said. Let’s hope for the good.