New star-studded album by Ed Sheeran and Khalid “Beautiful People” is set to release in July


    The new star-studded album by Ed Sheeran, “No. 6 Collaborations Project” is set to release in July. The collection features a track in collaboration with Khalid called “Beautiful People.” The song talks of the glitter of the glamour industry, and the loneliness within it.

    Ed Sheeran releases new multi starter album

    Ed Sheeran has released the list of his collaboration partners for his latest project. His new album, which is to be released in the next month, is called,  “No.6 Collaborations Project”.

    ED sheeran

    It’s a unique project where Ed Sheeran has collaborated on many duets with other stars of the industry like, – Bruno Mars, Travis Scott, Eminem, Cardi B, Justin Bieber, etc. Many of the projects see more than one star at the same time; for example, Eminem and 50 Cent have joined in for the track, “Remember the Name.”

    Ed Sheeran

    Beautiful People

    Ed Sheeran has notably teamed up with Khalid for a song called “Beautiful People” in this album. The song, as has been stated by Sheeran is about staying true to yourself. It is a condemnation of all the so-called “beautiful people.” Sheeran noted that these people are obsessed with material objects and concerned only about their stature.


    The tease begins

    The song’s teaser which has been released by Sheeran on social media is a treat for the ears but also is food for thought. In one video clip, Sheeran plays the song on a vinyl record. In another clip, a couple is standing outside the passport control in an airport before being directed outside, to create suspense.

    The song lands the two singers amid a celebrity party. It talks of the glitter, the designer clothes, fashion shows, front of the line entries in parties. But at the in the same breath, the song talks about awkward social situations. It is both about fitting in, and also not being able to get comfortable in your skin. It can be heard as a song by two stalwarts of the industry, lamenting the kind of false self-perception that they have to create.