New teaser released by Disney gives fans a glimpse of Beyoncé as Nala


    This week, Disney released a teaser introducing famous singer, Beyonce Knowles’s character Nala, which fans had been eager to hear.

    Earlier this year, Disney dropped the first teaser and trailer for their live action version of the cult classic, The Lion King, and it was met with tremendously positive reviews. The movie has a star studded cast including Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, and Keegan Mickeal Key. Chiwetel Ejiofor, of 12 Years a Slave fame, was introduced as Scar, but fans had mixed reactions about it.


    Many fans also did not like the CGI used in the movie, but later warmed up to it, because it was meant to be realistic, and they expected Scar to be more intimidating like the animated version, but realized that was unrealistic.

    Disney also released new character posters revealing what all the characters look like. Twitterverse was most surprised and shocked to see Pumbaa, the warthog who is Simba’s best friend in the movie. They were also surprised to know that Pumbaa is actually spelled with two A’s and not one.

    But the fans were most delighted to know that James Earl Jones would be voicing the character of Mufasa yet again, just like the original, which would bring an authentic feel to the movie.

    The new clip also gave a glimpse of the epic battle that will take place between Scar and Simba when he comes back to reclaim the throne from his evil uncle.

    The Lion King is all set to release on July 19 in theaters. It will give the moviegoers the feeling of nostalgia and a chance to relive their childhood. The new generation can also enjoy the new movie and the story it tells in a new form. People of all ages are excited to watch this epic movie.

    After the success of Aladdin, hopefully this movie will be graced with positive reviews as well, as it is the movie that is most looked forward to for this year.