Nicki Minaj talks about her marriage Plans and Drag Miley Cyrus


    .Nicki Minaj is back with her Queen Radio show. She talked about her old beef with Miley Cyrus and her marriage with Kenneth Petty.

    Miley’s track upsetting Miraj

    Nicki Minaj, 36 Trinidadian born rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, and model. She gained notice from ‘Playtime is over,’ ‘Sucka Fire,’ ‘Beam Me Up, Scotty.’ In the new episode of Queen Radio, she is talking about how she’s upset about Miley’s comments. Minaj felt insulted in a way Miley’s new track ‘Cattitude’ interpreted in a way that she likes to listen to Cardi B over Nicki.

    The wars were basically because of the something Miley said about Nicki to a magazine in 2015 and now about some lyrics of her new song ‘Cattitude.’


    To that Nicki said, “Perdue Chickens can never talk about queens, but I do notice a lot of Perdue chickens have been trying to say the queen’s name for clout. And that’s always been happening. (Miley) Also did this in the first place. And the white girl cried and made the black girl seem like she was a very bad guy… She disrespected me in a magazine article for no reasons”, referring the singer as Perdue Chicken.

    While Miley got this clear on Capital Breakfast with Romen Kemp that she was not comparing anyone and both of them (CardiB and Nicki)  are doing good in their way. Party In The USA said, “I don’t think there is beef now anymore,” she said when asked about the Cardi B and Nicki feud. “One of my songs says, ‘You want to know if we’re beefin’? There’s no beef. I’m a vegan.”

    Nicki Minaj announced her marriage with Kenneth Petty

    Meanwhile, on her show, the singer(Nicki Minaj) announced that she’s getting married to her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty. And she got her marriage license. She explained that she is in a happy place now.