Nintendo’s major announcements at E3 event through Nintendo Direct.


    E3 event is undoubtedly the biggest video gaming event of the year. This time E3 2019 was a grand success. Several powerful gaming companies participated in this year’s E3 and announced their respective gaming projects.

    This event is an absolute treat for video game lovers where they get glimpses of their favorite new video games. But E3 continues to be a great competition source for the developers. When discussing developers and their latest projects, how can one forget Nintendo???

    To those who are less aware of Nintendo, lets make it clear that Nintendo group is one of the big and reputed names in the gaming world. Its a Japan based gaming company with its headquarters in Kyoto.

    Nintendo group believes in developing user friendly games using latest technology. With this agenda, the company succeeded in becoming top-selling video game franchises with games like Mario and Pokemon.

    This year also Nintendo took the E3 event by storm. They announced dozen of video games ,all set to keep the video game players hooked till next year. They came up with Nintendo Direct- an online presentation platform. All their major projects were announced through Nintendo Direct giving E3 event a new dynamic. While other companies held huge press conferences in Los Angeles, Nintendo preferred Nintendo Direct for sharing the latest news. Thus the presentation offered 40 minutes of pure gaming experience without any fancy conference.

    The major releases for this year include Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the summer, Pokémon: Sword and Shield in the fall and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in spring 2020.

    Well, Nintendo is doing great with its Nintendo Direct and even fans are quite liking it. We hope that it brings some more marketing strategies and continues to dominate the gaming industry.

    Stay tuned for recent updates!!!!