Nintendo’s Pokémon Go to Go for lawsuit against hackers


    Pokémon Go Nintendo

    Pokémon go is a game developed by Niantic and Nintendo by way of The Pokemon Company. The game is for iOS and Android where the player has to catch and collect virtual creatures called Pokémon to fight, play and do other stuff. The game was initially released in 2016 in some regions but later on in 2018, it gained popularity on a global platform. The game works with the help of GPS on the device, it creates an environment as if you are in the real Pokémon world.

    Why did become so popular in no time?

    Pokémon Go had its own advantage and disadvantages. The game encouraged physical activity by making the player walk in search of Pokémon’s, the game is totally free of cost except for some additional features, it was a new and refreshing entry on the gaming world. But despite the good side, the bad side came out when the complaints of people dying due to being too engaged in collecting Pokémon rather than being careful, plus it was very addictive. Though all these occurred due to the player’s carelessness, and thereby awareness was created.

    The latest update on Pokémon Go

    Recently, the developers Niantic and the Pokémon Company filed a lawsuit against some group of hackers who helped some players to reach the goal illegally. The groups are such as “ Global++”, “Principal Developer”, “ Ryan Elliot Robot” and much more unidentified. These hackers were creating problems for the operators of the game and affecting their profit ultimately. Moreover, the unfair means did no good to the real players. The hacker community has expanded in quite a large basis and is almost present in every big game. But the creators try their best to remove so and similarly Pokémon Go took the required action. Hopefully, the lawsuit will proceed in the fairway and the needful would be done.