Now the release date of Mr. Robot Final Season is very near


    After the confirmation of renewal of the fourth season that it will air in 2019 fans all around are much excited and saddened at the same time. Fans are on the quest to know what will happen in season fourth of the impressive series created yet so far. But at the same time knowing it will be the last one. many are upset. The critically acclaimed shows will consists of 12 episodes in its Finale Season.

    The Golden Globe winner dram has been a big win win for USA Network. But it is strange that they are not going with it. According to creator Sam Esmail, the final season will take place in the time frame between the Christmas holidays of 2015. Rami Malek, the show’s lead recently returned to the set for shooting final frame.

    With an interview with the EW, Rami Malek said, “I trust Sam Esmail’s implicitly, so if that is the way he thought he could close out this story line, then I’m with him.” He adds, “I can say this, it is a very impactful, emotional, and I think clearly well thought out way to end this story and this series. It’s remarkable. I’m in awe of the man and what he has done this season.” And again last month with the Digital Spy, Malek said that the ending will be something unexpected and will hang us all, “Christian Slater and I both got a call from Sam Esmail and my mouth was agape after he told me how the season ended,” Malek said. “It’s going to be a very, very, climactic ending to what I think has been four great seasons of television.” 

    The set images that winded from New York demonstrated and unexpected Cameo. A photo in which Malek and Slater are passing through the group of carol singers, there is an familiar face. The familiar face is the former Shameless star Emmy Rossum. The star is even the wife of creator Sam Esmail. So, we could expect she has something to do in this marvelous drama.


    About the release date, USA Network hasn’t confirmed yet but its safe to say that we could watch later this year. Fall 2019 is the great time to watch the show and we can expect to some consent during this time. But the show’s creator confirmed that events of final season will take place in Christmas Holiday then we can await till November or December this year.