NYPD Found Popular Youtuber, Etika’s Dead in NY Apartment, Possible Suicid!e


    Daniel Desmond Amofah, the guy who is well-known in the YouTube community by the name Etika, has been found dead near the river by the New York Police Department. Etika primarily made reactions videos on the Nintendo products, and he had quite strong fan-following. He is one of the influential YouTuber for the matter.

    But the 29 year old from Brooklyn had been going through a series of ill thoughts and mental unsociability. He had fought a police officer, live-streamed a video when he was detained and claimed of being the antichrist.

    NYPD Found Popular Youtuber, Etika's Dead in NY Apartment, Possible Suicid!e

    This actual death event happened on June 19, 2019, when Etika posted an eight-minute-long video in his alternate YouTube account that goes by the name, TR1Iceman. In the video, it looked liked Etika has been growing suicidal thoughts. YouTube has removed the video as it felt the breaking of community guidelines, but that video is available easily as many other people have re-uploaded. On June 20, the NYPD started the pursuit of 29-year-old after as a missing person case. NYPD later founded the belongings like licensees on the Manhattan Bridge on Saturday night.

    NYPD Found Popular Youtuber, Etika's Dead in NY Apartment, Possible Suicid!e

    Well, the death apparently looked like a suicide, but the investigation is going on to find the real cause of death. All the YouTube community has expressed their grief and praised his work to evolve the YouTube community. Our thoughts are with him and his close ones.

    Mental Health is a real concern, and it must be looked out by anyone. We request you if you are in trouble and mental trouble, please reach out the close ones and concerned authorities.