Pewdiepie and other YouTubers mourn after the death of Etika


    Daniel Desmond Amofah popularly knows by his YouTube name “Etika” found dead and has left many other YouTubers in grief.

    Daniel Desmond Amofah (29 yrs) also known as Etika was an American YouTuber, Live streamer and even a model but he was famous for his reaction videos to various Nintendo products and games.

    He was reported missing to the New York Police Department on 20th June, later on, 22nd June, his belongings were found on the Manhattan bridge which included a backpack,  his wallet, his cell phone, and a Nintendo Switch console. It was assumed that he has jumped off the bridge, and the NYPD initiated a search.

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    On 24th of June, a body was recovered from the river about half a mile away from where Etika’s belongings were found. By the morning of 25th Etika was declared as deceased. It was confirmed that the body that was found in the river was of Etika.

    The news broke over the internet, and other YouTubers and fans began to express their griefs. Pewdiepie was one of them; he, in his twitter post, expressed how hard it was for him to process this news.

    Beauty YouTuber James Charles also tweeted few words about Etika along with an important message for everyone.

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    Etika is said to have been suffering from mental issues ever since his YouTube channel got shut down for violating the rules and ethics of the website. Multiple times his posts were suspected of being suicidal after the incident. However, recently he posted a video titled “I’M SORRY” apologizing for the same but again YouTube removed it on specific policy violation grounds.

    Unfortunately, those were his last words for his fans, and a few days later he was found dead. Now the fans are demanding recovery of Etika’s recent video as they were his final words. A petition has also been signed by over for the same.