PewDiePie takes inspiration from Keanu Reeves to contribute to charity


    PewDiePie has joined in on the internet’s obsession with Keanu Reeves. The Swedish YouTuber whose real name is Felix Kjellberg has some thoughts on why the internet loves Reeves.

    Kjellberg dived into Keanu Reeves’ struggles and his eventual rise to stardom. PewDiePie explained how Reeves inspired him to contribute to charity.

    Credits: The Verge

    Keanu Reeves’ contribution towards charity has earned him the title of the ‘nicest celebrity’. The actor is the subject of several memes on the internet honoring his humble personality. He is often fondly recognized as the “internet’s boyfriend”. The Matrix star now has a fan in PewDiePie.

    In an initial video, PewDiePie rated popular memes on the internet about Keanu Reeves. As a self-proclaimed fan, the youtube discussed the memes at length. He rated almost all of the memes featuring the actor a solid 10/10.

    In another video released on June 17th, PewDiePie discussed Reeves journey to stardom.

    Credits: The Cheat Sheet

    Reeves’ struggle began when he was just 3 years old. His father abandoned him and he was raised by his mother who mostly left him in the care of nannies. Later on in life, Reeves’ struggled with the death of his best friend, River Phoenix.

    The death of his girlfriend and the birth of a stillborn daughter broke Reeves. Reeves then stood by his sister as she battled with leukemia.

    Despite all his hardships, Reeves continued to be charitable and kind. It is this indomitable spirit of Reeves that PewDiePie paid tribute to in his video.

    Much like Reeves, PewDiePie announced that he would donate the profits from his video to Leukemia Research Foundation.
    Reeves’ himself has a charity organization dedicated to research about leukemia after his sister’s struggle with it.

    “It’s where Keanu donated a lot of money,” PewDiePie explained his contribution towards the Leukemia Research Foundation. “His sister went through Leukemia and she survived. It took my grandad. I thought that could be a nice ending to it, and have a nice Keanu effect.”