Piers Morgan coming face to face with Paris Bennett! The Boy who Killed Her Sister


    A psychopath with Piers Morgan is a documentary where Piers will meet real-life psychopath and talk to them face to face. So recently the news which made headlines is that Piers Morgan will come face to face with Paris Bennett and it will air on June 27, 2019, at 9 pm.

    Who is Paris Bennett, and what did he do?

    Twelve years ago Paris Bennett who was of 13 years then murdered his 4-year-old sister Ella in his home to take revenge on his mother, Charity Bennett. As he claimed he stabbed his sister 17 times with kitchen knife while she was asleep and his mother was at work. Firstly when enquired by the officials, he claimed that he had some kind of hallucination where Ella looked very scary and tried to harm him. But later on, he admitted that it was all planned crime, as he asked Ella’s baby sitter to go home beforehand and after the murder, he called 911 and surrendered. The news made headlines, and people couldn’t believe that something like this could ever happen.

    About the documentary in detail

    Paris was sentenced 40 years of jail life for the heinous crime he committed in Ferguson Unit Texas State Prison. But he can be out in 2027 as for his parole. Paris has been proven to have an IQ of 141, which is a very rare case. Piers Morgan will come face to face to discuss with him, the reasons for his crime and does he still thinks the same way, his realization, state of mind everything. Paris’s Mother Charity on being asked said that she has forgiven her son but still fears that if he is out someday, he may kill her youngest child and her. She also claimed that if Paris wanted he could have killed her, but instead he chose his sister so that Charity can suffer lifetime in grief and pain and that’s crazy thinking.