Plan Of Katherine Langford for 13 Reason Why Season 3


    As you know Katherine Langford committed suicide in season 1st but she was on whole season 2 but from the sources, it’s confirmed that she will not be returning in season 3, but what she’s planning for her future after 13 Reason Why series. She was the main character in season 1 and also she got a limited role in season 2. The series is about to return at any time in summer without its main star.

    Langford’s role as Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why, she played a high schooler and she committed suicide because of sexual assault and depression caused by her close friends at high school. Hannah left behind a reason why she ended her life. She recorded everything that happened to her in a tape and send this tape to her trusted ones and told that forward this to anyone else after listening.

    As we thought Hannah’s story will end in season 1 but she returned in season 2. She appeared only for clay as hallucinations, she used to talk to him and give tips and ask him for help in whole season 2. In the second season of the finale, Hannah’s family came together for the celebration of her life that seems that its end of her story. The actress announced that she will not return in 13 Reason Why Season 3.

    Credit:- ScreenRant

    Langford’s performance was attracted to a lot of people’s positive attention. She was the main character of the series, she liked by a lot of people in the show. She even got a lot of awards for her show of Netflix, including a Golden Globe nominee for the best actress in tv drama. After this show, she got many projects to work on.

    When she was on 13 Reason Why that time she appeared in two movies named The Misguided and Love Simon. Since then, she shot a role in Avengers Endgame but her scene was cut.

    Aside from her film career, Langford will work with Netflix in the near future. Afterall Katherine got a lot of opportunities after her Netflix show 13 Reason Why.