Pop TV swoops in to save Netflix’s “One Day At A Time” with a season 4!


    One Day At A Time has been resurrected for a fourth season! No, I’m definitely not kidding! The #SaveODAAT is apparently successful seeing how the Alvarez family is making their entry again.

    One Day at a Time which was previously thought of to meet its end is now back again all thanks to the extremely enthusiastic fans who started a social media campaign, which was indeed answered by Pop TV.

    Pop TV swoops in to save Netflix's One Day At A Time with a season 4!This Norman Lear comedy was initially canceled by Netflix earlier this year, but Pop decided to pick it up for a fourth season. In light of this, the cast has reacted with joy and happiness. Gloria Calderon Kellett, the show’s executive producer, tweeted, “WE’RE BACK.” She also added her thanks to Pop TV and all the fans who made #SaveODAAT trend around the globe.

    The show received widespread support from Hispanic viewers who scarcely saw their own daily family lives shown on television. However, the Netflix executives weren’t swayed by their months-long protest.

    Pop TV swoops in to save Netflix's One Day At A Time with a season 4!The pop TV came forward to pick up the show and now guarantees that a 13 episode long fourth season will air sometime in 2020. Sony Pictures will be handling the production work.

    The previous three seasons on Netflix reflected heartfelt stories involving three generations of women, viz., a veteran divorcee with post-traumatic stress (Justina Machado), her lesbian teen daughter (Isabella Gomez) and her widowed mother (played by Rita Moreno).

    First debuted in 2017, the show dared to take on subjects that no one else did, including those surrounding L.G.B.T life, drug addiction recovery, immigration among others.

    Pop TV swoops in to save Netflix's One Day At A Time with a season 4!According to the executives from both Netflix and Pop TV, the first three seasons will stay on Netflix and also come to Pop TV.

    Brad Schwartz, the president of Pop TV, admitted that he was proud to channel the show which tells us heartwarming stories of love, acceptance, and diversity.
    Once the news was announced this Saturday, the #SaveODAAT was switched to #MoreODAAT, while the show’s stars and fans reveled in this happy news!