Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Latest Updates And News


    Prince Harry admitted once that he never wanted to become a celebrity. According to a royal biographer, he said he don’t want to become an actor and work in a Hollywood movie. And he wanted to be in the narrow line of royal rules.

    Ms. Levin said: “Prince Harry said to me that there is a huge difference between being a show business celebrity face and being a royal prince. He explained a show business celebrity is someone who is appreciated for something they’ve done, a talent they’ve had. And a royal has to be steeped in duty and looking to look after things for the Queen. And he said ‘I will never, ever become a celebrity, there’s a narrow line, but I never want to go against it’.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Latest Updates And News

    Though we feel that he has crossed the line by getting married to the tv actress Meghan Markle. As she has given him the limelight of the season.

    Prince was started capturing at places when his face becomes known to the people after getting married to his love. Who is a tv actress?

    And now the prince has become the celebrity. As media is waiting for him to disclose any information or picture with his wife or kid. And also we all want to know updates about him. He has become a celebrity unknowingly and unwillingly.

    He posts photographs on his Instagram profile as celebrities do. And also he goes out for a photo shoot with his wife. And many a time he is spotted clicking pictures and distributing autographs to the public. And therefore he and his wife has become a celebrity couple.